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K-Point: 38 m
Men Winter Hill record: 44.5 m (Willi Schuster AUT, 1973)
44.5 m (Georg Waldvogel BRD, 1987)
Tower height: 5 m
Take-off height: 1.1 m
Year of construction: 1969
Conversions: 1972
Operating until: 1990
Year of destruction: 2000
Coordinates: 47.718360, 10.278470 Google Maps OpenStreetMap
K-Point: 24 m
Men Winter Hill record: 20.5 m (Christoph Musch BRD, 1982-01-17)


K-Point: 23 m
Year of construction: 1957
Year of destruction: 1961
Coordinates: 47.718615, 10.319800 Google Maps OpenStreetMap


K-Point: 15 m
Year of construction: 1920
Operating until: ca. 1930
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Status: destroyed
Ski club: SC Kempten
Coordinates: 47.718360, 10.278470 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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The ski club of Kempten in Allgaeu was already founded in 1908 and in winter 1909 the first ski jump was set up at Jodbad Sulzbrunn spa. Further snow ski jumps were located at Reichelsberg and at Pulvermühle. During 1920s, there was a wooden ski jumping hill at Mariaberg, which decayed in early 1930s. Instead, SC Kempten inaugurated a new ski jumping hill at the eastern wall of the castle ruin of Sulzberg in February 1933. However, this ski jump was removed when the ruin was renovated in 1953.
Instead, skiing activities at the slopes of Boleite in Kempten were extended and in 1957 also a ski jumping hill was built, which was profiled by Heini Klopfer. This training hill was quite popular and competitions frequently attracted hundreds of spectators. However, due to problems with the outrun the hill was first relocated and then already deconstructed in 1960-61, since the outrun area was developed for housing.
Nevertheless, the ski jumpers of SC Kempten were very successful during that time, and in 1965 finally a suitable location for the construction of two new hills was found at Mariaberg, close to the old ski jump from 1920s. After several years of construction time, the jumper's guild of SC Kempten could complete the ski jumps in 1969. The inrun for the hill was transferred from Mindelheim to Kempten, because the jump there could not be used anymore due to lack of snow. The inauguration was held on Epiphany 1979 in front of 700 spectators. Willi Schuster from Kleinwalsertal won with a hill record of 43 meters. Patron of the jump and main initiator of the construction was Alfred Horn.
In the following winter the ski jump was seriously damaged by a landslide and it took almost three years to resume operations there. Again, Willi Schuster set a hill record of 44.5 meters at the reopening of the K38 hill in February 1973. It was only to be equalized in 1987 by Georg Waldvogel - during the last bigger competition to be held on Alfred-Horn-Schanze. From 1990 onwards ski jumping activities at Mariaberg were discontinued and 2 years later also the ski lift there was closed. For some time, the ski jumpers of SC Kempten still joined TSV Buchenberg for their training.

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Hill records K38 (Men):

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2)   Helmut Schmölz   wrote on 2015-07-17 at 14:34:

Schanzen Rekord

Den halte ich mit 47,5 m

1)   Helmut Schmölz   wrote on 2015-07-17 at 14:32:


Die Schanze (Turm) würde aus freien Stücken und Sicherheitsgründen abgebaut. Die Erbauer haben davon (Alteisen) nichts bekommen. Der Ski Club Kempten hat die Springer in ihrem Nordischem Kader nicht mehr haben wollen. Und sie gingen nach Isny, nicht nach Buchenberg.
Und glaubt mir das ist eine Sichere Quelle. Ich selber habe es alles mitbekommen.Nur leider den abbau nicht. Grüße

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