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K-Point: 35 m
Tower height: 8 m
Further jumps: K15
Year of construction: 1950
Operating until: Ca. 1960
Coordinates: 48.660457, 10.128562 Google Maps OpenStreetMap


K-Point: 20 m
Men Winter Hill record: 22.5 m (Clemens Grupp BRD, 1929-01-29)
Inrun length: 30 m
Inrun angle: 21°
Take-off height: 1.7 m
Further jumps: K10
Year of construction: 1929
Operating until: 1935
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Spectator capacity: 3,000
Status: destroyed
Ski club: SSV Heidenheim, SC Heidenheim
Coordinates: 48.660457, 10.128562 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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In summer 1927, members of the Snow Boot Club Heidenheim began with the construction of a ski jump together with club chairman Manfred Hartmann. It was built on the Northern side of a hill near the Ugental barrage.
The ski jump, whose construction parameters were documented very well, was named after the engineer Weber, who was responsible for the building measures. The opening competition took place on January 20th 1929. 3000 curious spectators came and saw more than 70 jumps, including the longest jump by Clemens Grupp from Oberkochen.
But, the interest in the sport and the ski jump with it rapidly decreased. Hartmann quit his job already in 1933. The last documented activities of the club was the annual general meeting on 10th October 1935.
During World War II, some passionate ski jumpers were jumping on a small natural ski jump at Enggaß in Schnaithei, a district of Heidenheim.
From 1948 on, about two dozen activists began with the reactivation of the hill in Ugental. They also tried to enlarge it, and therefor massive works were necessary. Since there were no machines available, the workers were just working with a few devices and pure manpower.
This was also required when gaining the wood for the eight meter high inrun tower: The men knocked it off themselves in the forest. The inrun itself had a very special feature: It was possible to open a gate, in order to shorten the inrun length.
Additionally, a judges' tower and also a smaller ski jump, which did not have any artificial elements. The facility was opened in March 1950 and named after Manfred Hartmann. Unfortunately, this ski jump was not alive for a long time either, the history did not last for longer than the decade.
Nowadays, the Skiclub Heidenheim rather focuses on Alpine Skiing. Still, ski jumping in the region was and is not dead, since Ostalbschanze in Unterkochen and the facility in Königsbronn are not too far away.

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