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Tremplin au Praz:

Hill Size: HS 135
K-Point: 125 m
Hill record: 134.0 m (Jörg Ritzerfeld GER, 2002-01-19, COC)
Summer hill record: 137.5 m (Andreas Wank GER, 2011-07-30, COC)
Official summer record: 137.0 m (Kamil Stoch POL, 2011-08-12, SGP)
Ladies' summer record: 136.0 m (Sarah Hendrickson USA, 2013-08-14, L-SGP)
Inrun length: 104.65 m
Inrun angle: 35°
Take-off length: 6.8 m
Take-off angle: 11.5°
Take-off height: 4 m
Speed: 92.2 km/h
Landing angle: 37.5°
Hill certificate: Hill certificate
Hill Size: HS 96
K-Point: 90 m
Hill record: 101.5 m (Arthur Royer FRA, 2012-03-10, NJ-FRA)
Summer hill record: 97.5 m (Andreas Wank GER, 2012-08-14, SGP)
Ladies' hill record: 98.0 m (Lucile Morat FRA, 2016-03-27, N-FRA)
Ladies' summer record: 101.5 m (Sara Takanashi JPN, 2016-07-15, SGP)
Official ladies' summer record: 100.5 m (Daniela Iraschko-Stolz AUT, 2012-08-15, SGP)
Inrun length: 89.5 m
Inrun angle: 35°
Take-off length: 6.3 m
Take-off angle: 10.5°
Take-off height: 3.5 m
Speed: 86.4 km/h
Landing angle: 36°
Hill certificate: Hill certificate
Hill Size: HS 65
K-Point: 60 m
Year of construction: 2004


Hill Size: HS 30
K-Point: 25 m
Year of construction: 2008
Spectator capacity: 12,000
Year of construction: 1944
Conversions: 1990, 2011
Further jumps: no
Status: operating
Plastic matting: yes
Ski club: CS Courchevel

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The first ski jumping hill at the town district Le Praz of Courchevel was already built up in 1944.
Then K120 and K90 hill were constructed for the Olympic Winter Games at Albertville 1992, where Toni Nieminen won the large hill and Ernst Vettori the normal hill competition, Finland was successful at the team competition.
Since then the ski jumps have been mainly used for Summer Grand Prix and COC events, as well as for whole year practising, often by the German ski jumping team.
As a replacement for the given-up ski jump at the ice arena at Courchevel 1850 in 2007/08 a small plastic covered K25 ski jump, called Ninoufbakken, was set up next to the other jumps at Le Praz.
Since the certificate of both ski jumps ends in 2011, it was decided onto a modernization. Already in May 2011 the renewing of inrun and start gates of K90 has started. Until August 2011 the inrun track shall be replaced by a modern SKI-LINE system. Similiar things are going to happen to K120. After the Grand Prix events on August 11 and 12, 2011, the inrun will be equipped with a ceramic track made by Porsgrund. Until spring 2012 the plastic mattings shall be replaced and a new watering system installed. Additionally a "Nordic House" is constructed. It will host a sports hall, a fitness center, a spectator terrace for 200 people, as well as rooms for the organizing committee (OC) and the accomodation of athletes. The total cost for modernization and extension are estimated on 1.5m Euro.

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Hill records K125 (Men):

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Hill records K125 (Ladies):

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Hill records K90 (Men):

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Hill records K90 (Ladies):

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Photo gallery:

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18)   Stefan Böhme   wrote on 2017-08-12 at 17:45:

durring 2017 sgp the hill data according to fis was k 125 and hs 135 was there a reconstruction that i missed?

17)   Foresss   wrote on 2016-03-28 at 12:11:

New ladies record - Lucile Morat 98 m

16)   MateuszW1990   wrote on 2014-11-04 at 10:29:

Please add another hill record. It's 127,5 m by Tommy Ingebrigtsen (NOR) on 17.12.1993. He improved Toni Nieminen's HR of 127,0 m. But I have no idea if it was during the training of quali session.

15)   Artur   wrote on 2013-08-17 at 13:52:

Rekordy skoczni

Nie rozumiem o co w ogóle ta cała dyskusja. Sprawa jest oczywista. Lista rekordów wpisana na stronę jest jak najbardziej prawidłowa. I nie ma co więcej dyskutować. @Marco źle podchodzi do kwestii rekordów skoczni. Oczywiście jest on w błędzie. Bierzemy zawsze pod uwagę kolejność ustanawiania rekordów. Więc po odległości 119.5 m może być 120 m jeśli skok został oddany po poprzednim. Kobiecy rekord Mattel 119,5 m jako pierwsza pobiła Evelyn Insam skacząc 127 m, więc kolejny rekord musi już być większy od 127 m.

14)   Volker Grube   wrote on 2013-08-16 at 23:51:

Kann Marcos Post nur zustimmen! Es sind doch nach Coline Mattels Rekord am 14.10.2012 mehrere Athletinnen beim SGP 2013 weiter gesprungen bzw. haben die vorherige Weite eingestellt, auch die Französin selbst. Die zwischenzeitlich neuen Weiten sind alle vom selben Tag. Es ist doch egal, ob Training, Trial Round oder official Results. Die Hauptsache ist doch, man führt eine Liste, in dem die Rekorde nach Datum und Weite aufgelistet sind. Alle Rekorde vom 14.08 gehören auch in die Liste der Schanzenrekorde!

13)   wrote on 2013-08-16 at 18:18:


I don't see your point.
You have to consider the order of the jumps during the training!

12)   Marco   wrote on 2013-08-16 at 09:09:

@Pawel Borkowski: The list is correct! I have seen all the results (results training, results trial round and official results). Then, i look at the jumps over 119,5 m from Coline Mattel (FRA) and i post the still higher jumps here at this site.

11)   wrote on 2013-08-15 at 21:59:

I am glad it is not - if it was, it would be a real mess ;-)

10)   Paweł Borkowski   wrote on 2013-08-15 at 14:52:

To Marco

Your list isn't correct. Look at the result list of official training:

9)   Marco   wrote on 2013-08-14 at 20:52:

Bitte vervollständige die Schanzenrekorde bei den Damen:

14.08.2013: 119,5 m Julia Clair (FRA)
14.08.2013: 120,0 m Coline Mattel (FRA)
14.08.2013: 120,0 m Ulrike Graessler (GER)
14.08.2013: 120,5 m Irina Avakumova (RUS)
14.08.2013: 121,0 m Sara Takanashi (JPN)
14.08.2013: 121,5 m Jessica Jerome (USA)
14.08.2013: 121,5 m Coline Mattel (FRA)
14.08.2013: 121,5 m Atsuko Tanaka (CAN)
14.08.2013: 122,0 m Taylor Henrich (CAN)
14.08.2013: 122,5 m Coline Mattel (FRA)
14.08.2013: 123,0 m Coline Mattel (FRA)
14.08.2013: 123,5 m Ulrike Graessler (GER)
14.08.2013: 124,0 m Atsuko Tanaka (CAN)
14.08.2013: 124,5 m Yuki Ito (JPN)
14.08.2013: 125,5 m Sara Takanashi (JPN)
14.08.2013: 126,0 m Sara Takanashi (JPN)
14.08.2013: 126,0 m Ulrike Graessler (GER)
14.08.2013: 126,5 m Elena Runggaldier (ITA)
14.08.2013: 127,0 m Sara Takanashi (JPN)
14.08.2013: 127,5 m Eva Logar (SLO)
14.08.2013: 127,5 m Lea Lemare (FRA)
14.08.2013: 128,5 m Atsuko Tanaka (CAN)
14.08.2013: 128,5 m Maja Vtic (SLO)
14.08.2013: 129,5 m Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT)
14.08.2013: 130,5 m Sara Takanashi (JPN)

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