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La Côté Feuillée:

Hill Size: HS 118
K-Point: 106 m
Men Winter Hill record: 121.5 m (Sandro Hauswirth SUI, 2018-03-09, OPA)
Men Summer Hill record: 118.0 m (Simon Ammann SUI, 2013-10-06, N-SUI)
118.0 m (Alessandro Batby FRA, 2018-07-21)
Ladies Winter Hill record: 113.0 m (Léa Lemare FRA, 2013-03-30, L-N-FRA)
Ladies Summer Hill record: 109.0 m (Léa Lemare FRA, 2013-10-06, L-N-SUI)
Inrun length: 98 m
Take-off angle: 11°
Landing angle: 33.230°
Conversions: 2010, 2012
Hill Size: HS 64
K-Point: 56 m
Men Winter Hill record: 61.5 m (Luca Egloff SUI, 2007-12-16)
Men Summer Hill record: 63.0 m (Enzo Milesi FRA, 2018-07-21)
Ladies Winter Hill record: 60.0 m (Agnes Reisch GER, 2015-03-07, OPA)
Ladies Summer Hill record: 58.5 m (Océane Paillard FRA, 2018-07-21)
Conversions: 2017
Hill Size: HS 30
K-Point: 28 m
Further jumps: K10, K8
Plastic matting: yes
Year of construction: 1989
Status: operating
Ski club: Risoux Club, CS Chaux Neuve
Coordinates: 46.671997, 6.135714 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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Already in early 20th century the first ski jumping tournaments were hosted at Chaux Neuve.
Then in 1965 the construction of the ski jumping facility “La Côté Feuillée“ had started, but due to problems with soil works the construction was completely stopped and given up.
Twenty yeary later the project was restarted and in 1989/1990 today’s four ski jumping hills K90, K57, K28 and K10 were constructed. The opening was celebrated with an Europa Cup of Nordic Combined in 1990. Since already many World Cup competitions have taken place.
In 2010 the ski jump was enlarged into a modern HS 118 with SKI-LINE inrun track system. Furthermore in summer 2012 the plastic covering for summer jumping on the large hill has started.

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Hill records K106 (Men):

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Hill records K106 (Ladies):

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Hill records K56 (Men):

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Hill records K56 (Ladies):

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3)   XY   wrote on 2018-03-10 at 09:15:

Falsches Datum

Schanzenrekord K57 wurde am 04.03.2018 eingestellt.

2)   Herbert   wrote on 2018-03-10 at 09:06:

Winter Schanzenrekord eingestellt

Schanzenrekord K57 am 05.03.2018. eingestellt von Felix Trunz

1)   Boy   wrote on 2011-01-22 at 13:18:


Do uzupełnienia nowy rekord tej skoczni, dzisiaj Wilhelm Denifl uzyskał 120 m i jest to nowy rekord obiektu. Wczoraj 116,5 m miał Christoph Bieler i to także był rekord, tak więc warto do dodać do listy rekordów tej skoczni.

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