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CZECZE-LVysoké nad Jizerou


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K-Point: 92 m
Men Winter Hill record: 86.5 m (Rudolf Doubek CZE, 1965)
Men Winter Official hill record: 84.0 m (Zbyněk Hubač CSR, 1965)
Tower height: 33 m
Inrun length: 80 m
Year of destruction: 1972
Further jumps: K54, K25
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1946
Status: destroyed
Ski club: SČK Vysoké nad Jizerou
Coordinates: 50.695497, 15.395456 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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The first ski jumping activities at Vysoké nad Jizerou were registered in the year of 1906, when winners jumped around 13 m. In 1914 the best jumpers landed on 23 meters on the ski jumping hill at Tricsy-Peak and this facility existed until around 1932, in the end distances of 30 m were realized. At the same time in middle 20’s the ski jumping hill at Vojákův Mill was built up with a large wooden inrun tower, which made 40-meter-leaps possible. Until the beginning of World War II ski jumping competitions were hosted there.
The largest ski jumping facility was developed in 1946 at mount Šachty and in 1947/48 the army supported and helped to manage big soil movements in order to convert and enlarge the ski jump. This new projecting of the large hill jump was done by the architects Karel Jarolímek and Josef Zíta. The inrun tower was 33 m high and had a inrun length of 80 meters. In winter 1951 this jump was officially inaugurated and the distance of the winner was at 66 m. In 1953 K54 was constructed with a steel-made inrun tower. Between 1945 and 1965, a total of 9500 hours of work were invested in order to maintain the hill and enlarge it to a K 92. In 1965 Zbyněk Hubač jumped 84 meters, Rudolf Doubek even longer with 86.5 meters. In the following years the normal hill was not only hosting cup tournaments and national cham­pion­ships, in middle 1960’s Vysoké nad Jizerou was even host of the Bohemia Tournament which was very famous at that time. Zita even made a draft for a K 110, but those plans were never realized.
The end of this ski jumping hill had come in 1972, when the wooden tower imploded. Until 1980’s only K54 and 1974 built K25 ski jump were in use. Later in that decade, people considered rebuilding the largest hill as a natural hill, where the inrun speed would be achieved by the help of a so-called special sling. Unfortunately, there is no usable hill in town at the moment.

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