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Vranské Údolí:

K-Point: 70 m
Men Winter Hill record: 73.0 m (František Felix CZE, 1953)
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1922
Status: destroyed
Ski club: TJ Sokol / Spartak Turnov

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The first 20 meter ski jump at 657 m high Kopanina (Kopainberg) was constructed by ski jumpers from Turnov in 1922. But actually, it was more just a try and did not turn out too well. After reaching distances of only 20 meters, a new 30-meter-jump was built nearby in 1928. In the first winter of use, 1929, Sigmund Ruud jumped a record of 33 meters. Only three years later, a new inrun tower was built, so the hill allowed jumps over 40 meters from them. This tower got enlarged in 1939 by another ten meters. The 14th January of 1940 saw the first edition of the "Štít Turnova" competition. 4500 spectators came to watch this happening and also the new hill record of 52 meters by Jaroslav Lukeš. But also this was not the end of records yet.
In the years 1941 and 1942, the hill was reconstructed according to the plans of Karel Jarolímek. This led to a new hill record by Miloslav Chlum in 1942 of 72 meters. The ski jumping hill in Kopanina was the largest in Czech territory throughout the whole World War II. It even saw one of the most important competitions in the country, with the Kongressschanzen-Pokal, which used to be held in Harrachov and was moved to Kopanina until 1947.
After the hill was not in use for five years, Kopal initiated a renovation, so the inrun tower and also the boards were refurbished. In 1952 and 1953 again "Štít Turnova" competitions were held and the 1953 edition ended with a new hill record of 73 meters, jumped by Felix in front of 4000 spectators. But then, the ski club's existance came to an end and TJ Spartak took over the hill. They planned on building a wooden judge tower to improve the facility. But then, the wooden inrun tower collapsed and the jumping activities came to a sudden end. Today, only a few remains of the concrete of the inrun tower are left.

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