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Mt. Norquay

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Mt. Norquay Ski Jumps:

K-Point: 77 m
Men Winter Hill record: 68.3 m (224 ft) (Arthur Tokle USA, 1950-03-05, N-NAM)
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1935
Conversions: 1959
Operating until: 1972
Year of destruction: 1990's
Status: destroyed
Ski club: Banff Ski Runners
Coordinates: 51.200413, -115.603388 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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Banff, located near Calgary on the border between the two provinces Alberta and British Columbia, once had large ski jumping hills. Austrian Conrad Kain built the first small ski jump at Tunnel Mountain in 1920. In 1917, the very first “Winter Carnival” was organized by ski jumpers from Revelstoke on the newly created ski jump at Buffalo Paddocks at Tunnel Mountain. However, due to the construction of Highway 1, it had to be given up in 1935 and ski jumping activities moved to Mount Norquay, where a skiing resort had been built up since 1929.
In 1937 the "Dominion Ski Championships" were held at Mt. Norquay and won by Alf Engen. The ski jumping facility at Mt. Norquay was extended over the years and equipped with its characteristic inrun tower in 1959. Until 1970's national and sometimes also international competitions were held there. In early 1990's the K77 ski jumping hill was dismantled.

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Hill records K77 (Men):

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Photo gallery:


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2)   Joseph Frost   wrote on 2016-04-28 at 10:49:

Calgary '88

During my visit to Calgary Olympics in '88from Australia I spend few days skiing at Norquay resort and while having a smoke on the referee tower of the ski jump there he was!"EDDY THE EAGLE" climbing up the hill with his skis. There was hardly a soul at the resort so I offered to carry his skis up on the chair lift and ski with them down on my shoulders to the top of the inrun, it was some 2km down hill run. Even help him to clean his glasses and goggles with my hanky. Great memory meeting him, nice guy and really enjoyed the latest movie on his effort. Now at 63, I still dream about the sport I was very much involved back in my homeland and active jumping on 37m hill with plastic matting in Bratislava/Koliba, '67-70, even managed to brake my leg on the hill in '69, but strait back next winter dispite Dr. NO MORE JUMPING recommendation!

1)   Gary   wrote on 2014-02-27 at 20:40:


We were dare devils back in 1978 and used to go off the mens ski jump at Norquay with our down hill skis. The speed you reached at the bottom of the hill was so fast that the
G-force would pull you back on you skis so your bum would hit the tails. Lots of fun, wouldn't try it now.

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