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Dr. Josef Mayer-Schanze (Bürgergraben-Sprungschanze):

K-Point: 56 m
Men Winter Hill record: 64.5 m (Willi Egger AUT, 1958-02-16, N-AUT)
Inrun angle: 24°
Take-off length: 15.5 m
Take-off height: 2.5 m
Landing angle: 35°
Further jumps: no
Plastic matting: no
Year of construction: 1923
Conversions: 1924, 1929, 1934, 1948
Operating until: 1963
Status: destroyed
Ski club: WSC Aflenz
Coordinates: 47.547980, 15.241494 Google Maps OpenStreetMap

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In 1923 the Academic Ski Club of Graz built a ski jumping hill at Bürgergraben in Aflenz Kurort. It was supposed to allow jumps up to 60 meters and was inaugurated on 1924-01-06 with an international competition. Albert Bildstein won in front of an audience of 2,000 spectators and the longest jump of (only) 25 meters was performed by Ale Osteruth from Norway, since the ski jump did not meet the requirements. As a consequence, the ski jumping hill was converted, but the next opening competition had to be postponed until February 1926 due to bad weather conditions. The winter sports club of Aflenz in Styria was then founded in 1926 and organized annual competitions for the "Tannenreis" (fir twigs).
In 1930 the tri-state championships of Upper Austria, Salzkammergut & Styria were held had Aflenz. For this purpose, Bürgergraben-Schanze was converted into a K56. In 1934-35 the hill was again enlarged and in 1938 it hosted the Austrian national championships. Attended by 5,000 spectators, Rudolf Rieger won the ski jumping and Willi Köstinger the combined classification. The junior's triple-combination was won by Sepp Bradl, who had set up a hill record of 63 meters during training.
After World War II, Tannenreis competitions already resumed in February 1947. During that year, the ski jumping hill was refurbished and subsequently Dr. Josef Mayer-Schanze. In March 1948, for the first time a night competition was held. A highlight were the Austrian national championships in February 1958. However, after that it became calm around the hill and in 1963 the last ski jumping competition was held in Aflenz.

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