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Wurmbergschanze at Braunlage to be dismantled

on 2014-06-07

Traditional Wurmbergschanze at Braunlage in Northern Germany will have to be dismantled. The 1951 built steel inrun tower, which also served as a view platform, is rusted and cannot be renovated.

Already in December 2013 hurricane "Xaver" had caused serious damage to the steel tower of the HS 100 normal hill, and thus the viewing platform had to be closed. The results of a static examination identified a 2000 added annex building as culprit, which lead rain runoffs into the tower and caused heavy rusting of the steel.

In beginning of May a renovation of the tower for around 200,000 Euro was expected, but as the mayor of Braunlage announced this week, the dilapidated inrun tower of the ski jumping hill will have to be dismanlted completely: "The rust damage to the iron structure is so serious, that the tower is not maintainable anymore."

Already in 1922 the first 40 meter hill was constructed on the summit of 972 m high Wurmberg at Braunlage in Lower Saxony and even German Championships were organized there. After World War II Wurmbergschanze was reconstructed in 1951 and the steel tower erected in its current shape. After several conversions and enlargements Wurmbergschanze had become a regular host of Continental-Cup competitions throughout the 2000s, but was used a last time in 2011.

The viewing platform, which was installed at the tip of the tower in a height of 1001 meters a.s.l., is the highest altitude place in Lower Saxony. It is one of the tourist attractions of the town in Harz uplands and thus a new-construction of a viewing tower is targeted, but the days of Wurmbergschanze are probably over.

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GER Braunlage (Wurmberg)

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2)   Freddi   wrote on 2014-08-19 at 19:10:

@Peter Lange

Ja, vollkommen richtig. Niedersachsen hat eine schlechte Politik, die Wahrzeichen nicht unterstützt, sondern lieber die anderen unterstützt. Sieht man am ganzen Harz, alles rückständige Gegend!

1)   Peter Lange   wrote on 2014-08-03 at 11:14:

Die Schanze muss bleiben

Es wird in diesem Land ständig viel Geld für unsinniges zum Fenster raus gescmissen.Aber um ein Harzer Wahrzeichen zu erhalten haben die Verbrecher dieser Regierung kein Geld.Hauptsache Europa retten aber auf das eigene Land scheissen.

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