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Normal hill in Velenje to be demolished

on 2013-11-02

The Grajski Gric normal hill at Velenje, Slovenia, hasn't been in use since 2011 and is going to be demolished soon. Instead a K55 junior ski jumping hill shall be constructed.

Velenje in north-eastern Slovenje has been a regular host of ski jumping Continental Cup until recent years only. The opening of the summer season of COC has taken place on Grajski Gric ski jump (K85, HS 94) every year between 1998 and 2010. But now the normal hill is going to be dismantled in November 2013.

Originally, the ski jump was built as a K75 in 1988 and home to SSK Velenje ski club. Then twelve years later it was converted into a K85. In order to make the enlargement possible, the take-off was set back. Henceforth international competitions were organized there, but suddenly in 2011 the approval of operation of the HS 94 ski jump was withdrawn. It came out, that the conversion works in 2000 had no official building permission!

In spring 2013 a new building permission was applied - but now for the deconstruction of the hill! Since the profile has meanwhile become out-dated and the hill is no more necessary for training of elite ski jumpers, since the Slovenian ski federation is going to concentrate on the new "Nordic Center" at Planica, it shall be demolished. There was the plan to build a new normal hill instead, but financial means are lacking.

The budget of Velenje municipality is now already including 95,000 Euro for demolishing works and dismanteling has already started. Still in November the inrun tower shall finally be detonated. Afterwards the construction of a new plastic covered K55 ski jump as a supplement to existing K22, K14 and K8 is intended, in order to maintain the good work with young talents of SSK Velenje. Therefore an architect has already started the project planning, where this time all official requirement will be complied to!

Ski Jumps:

SLO Velenje (Grajski Grič)

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