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Junior jumping hills in Hamar to be inaugurated

on 2012-12-21

In Hamar, Norway, the completely reconstructed "Lierberget Hoppsenter" with four junior hills K70, K40, K25 and K15 is going to be inaugurated on December 29.

Lierberget Hoppbakke near Hamar in the Norwegian Flyke Hedmark was opened as a K70 ski jump in 1968 and after a conversion into K84 it was even host of the Junior World Championships in 1989. But in 2004 the wooden inrun tower was partially removed and the ski jumps K84 and K60 abandonned.

The planning for the 15m crownes (2.0m Euro) expensive new-construction of "Lierberget Aktivitetspark" at the site of the former ski jumps, where there is also a alpine skiing slope, has started in 2009. Works on the four plastic covered ski jumping hills K70, K40, K25 and K15 with lift and artificial snow machines started in August 2011 in cooperation of the ski clubs Nordbygda/Løten Ski, Vang SF and Furnes SF.

After more than 1000 hours of voluntary work under leadership of ski jumping hill boss Ole-Martin Hafslund the ski jumps have now been completed for winter use and the official inauguration of "Lierberget Hoppsenter" is scheduled for Saturday, 2012-12-29. Plastic covering for summer jumping will be installed throughout the year 2013 in order to provide an important training center not far from Lillehammer, the host of the 2nd Youth Olympic Winter Games in 2016.

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1)   Ole-Martin Hafslund   wrote on 2013-04-30 at 10:21:

Schanzenrekord Lierberget K70

In February 12. 2013 a new hillrecord was set in Lierberget Hoppsenter and the K70:

First Oscar Alexander Hafslund, Nordbygda/Løten Ski set a new hill rekord with a jump of 78m in the K70. 8 meters above K point. Then Audun Markeng, Furnes Skiløperforening (with 2 more gates) jumped 79m in the K70.

So the hillrecord is held by Audun Markeng from Furnes Skiløperforening - a record we believe will be hard to beat.

Best Regards

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