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Fichtelbergschanze to be modernized

on 2012-12-19

The out-dated plastic covered K95 ski jump in Saxonian Oberwiesenthal is going to be modernized in 2013. Mainly the inrun will be renovated, equipped with a modern Ski-Line track and floodlights be installed.

The history of Fichtelbergschanze in Oberwiesenthal, which is the ski jump situated on the highest altitude in Germany, began with its inauguration in 1938. The last reconstruction of the traditional ski jump in Erz Mountains into a K95 profile took place 2000 to 2002. But the steel-made inrun tower already date back to 1974 and the glas inrun track was installed in 19991. Thus a renovation of the whole inrun is very necessary.

For 1.8 million Euro the whole inrun structure is to be renovated in 2013, a new inrun track will be included and floodlights installed. The majority of the costs will be taken over by federal funds and the Free State of Saxony. "Our professional athletes need good training conditions in order to be able to performon world-class level", underlines secretary of the interior of Saxony Markus Ulbig. With its bio-mechanical platform, a measurement facility for the forces during take-off, the HS 106 normal hill is an essential part of the Olympic training center of Oberwiesenthal.

The planning already started more than a year ago and now that the financing was secured, the first contracts could be awarded by the authorities of Oberwiesenthal. A company from Reichenbach/Vogtland is in charge of the renewal of the corrosion protection of the steel inrun tower and Peter Riedel GmbH from Raschau will install a all-year-round Ski-Line inrun track. Peter Riedel says: "Since I am born in Oberwiesenthal I get goose bumps. This award means so much to me personally - a dream comes true, I can take care of this matter that is near to my heart."

The implementation of these measures is scheduled for spring and summer 2013, but there are more actions that need to take place around the jump: The judges' tower is regularily flood during heavy rain showers, the lift is already 50 years old and worst, the changing rooms are in a desperate condition. Thus further measures have to be taken in the future.

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1)   R. Miskiewicz   wrote on 2014-03-03 at 08:21:


Herr Riedel

Sehr geehrter Herr Riedel,
ich möchte mich kurz als außergewöhnliche 3D-Firma aus dem Vogtland bei Ihnen vorstellen.

Ich habe damals die 3D-Computer-Animation für die Skisprungschanze Vogtland-Arena in Klingenthal erstellt.
(s. Film unten auf meiner Webseite). Ohne diesen Film wäre die Schanze niemals genehmigt worden.Genauso gut kann man andere Sachen eindrucksvoll präsentieren z.B.: Anlaufspuren, Schanzenmodelle 3D-drucken, oder 3D-Laseraufmaß.

Ich sende Ihnen auch noch eine Email mit Bildmaterial zu.

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