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Recent news from Russian ski jumping hills

on 2012-11-30

There are news to report about the numerous ski jumping hill projects in Russia in Sochi, Nishny-Tagil, Ekaterinburg, St. Peterbsurg and Tomsk.


The most prominent of the numerous ski jumping hill construction projects in Russia is probably located not far from the Black Sea coast. The "RusSki Gorki" ski jumping center in Krasnaya Polyana valley and was constructed for the Olympic Winter Games 2014 at Sochi. Already in July a Continental Cup of men and Grand Prix of Nordic Combined was hosted on the K125 near Esto-Sadok village. Though the whole facility was still a construction site and the K95 was not usable yet.

Since then there was further progress and in early November the FIS race directors Walter Hofer and Lasse Ottesen visited the Olympic hills. Now it was reported that the first World Cupe events of ladies and men on December 8 and 9 are clear, although there is currently a lack of snow. Before the official homologation by the FIS still has to take place in the first week of December. Lately there were still problems with the judges' tower and also the reduction of spectator capacity for the Winter Games 2014 on only 7,500 was critizised by FIS president Gianfranco Kasper.


The four new plastic covered "Stork" ski jumping hills K125, K95, K65 and K40 have almost been completed by fall 2012, but before the first Continental Cup can be hosted at Nizhny-Tagil in March 203, the SKI-LINE inrun track still have to be installed. On November 27 the K40 hill could be used for a first time. Until December 20 the K125 shall be ready and K95 by mid of January 2013 as well.


The Uktus ski jumping center at Ekaterinburg in eastern Ural is compeltely out-dated and should have be modernized since years already. The realization of the construction project by ski jumping hill architect Werner Schertel from Warmensteinach with K120 (HS 134), K95 (HS 106) and jumping stadium is doubtful, but now at least a new training hill was built. The K20 was inaugurated in November 2012 and can be used by the juniors of SC Uktus.

St. Petersburg

Also the Kavgolovo hills at Toksovo near metropolis St. Petersburg have been waiting for years for a profound monderization. Years ago a completely new ski jumping center had been planned, but never realized. Meanwhile at least the renovation of existing jumps is progressing: in 2007 an additional K40 was built, furthermore the renovation of K64.5 and K26 (K30) started. The normal hill K88 should be brought back to competition format from 2008 onwards. Finally in fall 2012 the landing hill of K65 was modernized and currently the plastic covering is in progress. Still this winter jumps on the 70 meter hill shall be possible again.


Another completely run-down ski jumping facility with a K70 is located at Siberian Tomsk in Akademgorodok. There a private investor has justed decided on building a complete winter sports area with four new ski jumps, cross-country tracks and a biathlon shooting rang for around 200m Rubels (5m Euro).


Ski Jumps:

RUS Esto-Sadok (RusSki Gorki Jumping Center)
RUS Nizhniy Tagil
RUS Ekaterinburg (Uktus)
RUS Toksovo
RUS Tomsk (Akademgorodok)



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