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Large Schattenbergschanze with new inrun track

on 2012-07-05

In the past months a new ALOSLIDE ICE inrun track had been installed on the HS 137 ski jumping hill at Erdinger Arena Oberstdorf. Cooled ice tracks are mandatory from the next World Cup winter season onwards.

The next edition of world-famous Four Hills Tournament at Oberstdorf in the end of December 2012 will take place on a new inrun track. SC Oberstdorf modernized and optimized its famous large hill HS 137 at Erdinger Arena and thereby counts on the FIS certified intrun track system ALOSLIDE ICE by CeramTec GmbH from Rhenish Lohmar near Cologne.

In early May 2012 the removal of the old track started and the inrun was prepared for the new requirements. From June 4 onwards the experts of CeramTec-ETEC mounted the new inrun track system. First the substructure was renewed, then the ALOSLIDE ICE system with integrated cooling unit and watering system was installed onto it.

SC Oberstdorf has already made a lot of good experiences with ALOSLIDE ICE. In 2011 the normal hill HS 106 was new-constructed and equipped with ALOSLIDE ICE. Since end of 2011 the hill has been ready for competition and training use and fulfills all expectations of athletes and operatives.

The system consits of a one-track inrun that can be switched from summer to winter use or the other way round in very short time. The cooling and watering system which is integrated beneath the inrun track and linked to an expert colling aggregate, makes the build-up of the ice track easy and fast; ice or snow fill-in from outside is not necessary. In summer the ski jumpers slide over ceramic pimples, that have equaly good characteristics as the ice in winter. It is, amongst other hills, also used for the future Olympic ski jumps of Sochi 2014.

With the decisions of FIS Congress 2012 a cooled ice inrun track will be mandatory for all World Cup hosts from the season 2012-2013 onwards. Even the complete abolishment of snow or ice tracks and a all-year-round use of summer tracks made of ceramcis or plastics was discussed, but wasn't established in the end.

Excerpt from the press release of CeramTec-ETEC GmbH of 2012-07-05 with additions

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GER Oberstdorf (Audi Arena)


CeramTec-ETEC GmbH - Erdinger-Arena Oberstdorf setzt auf bewährtes Anlaufspursystem mit Keramiknoppen



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