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First jumps at Chaykovskiy performed

on 2012-02-17

With the first jumps being performed on the three hills K125, K95 and K65 in the last days the "Snezhinka" ski jumping complex at Chaykovskiy was inaugurated and therewith the first modern ski jumping facility of Russia was handed over to its designation

After around two years of construction time the first ski jumps on the brand new and top-modern ski jumps at Chaykovskiy in Perm region could be performed. Since 2009 a total of 4.4 billion Rubel (110 million Euro) has been invested in the Snezhinka winter sports complex with ski jumping hills, cross-country trails, biathlon range and hotel.

For nearly two weeks a delegation around Peter Riedel, the manufacturer of the SKI-Line inrun tracks with jumping dynamics measuring system, has been in Chaykovskiy in order to prepare the hills and perform first trial jumps on the K65 hill. On February 13 even a few junior athletes from Partenkirchen travelled to Russia and after FIS inspector Pekka Hyvärinen had approved both international size hills, the first jumps on HS 106 ski jump could be performed on Wednesday. The first jumper on the bakken was 45 year-old local senior athlete Nikolai Chirkov.

Yesterday, on Thursday the HS 140 hill could be inaugurated as well and Dmitri Ipatov managed to jump the preliminary record distance of 120 meters. The athletes from Partenkichen and further Russian ski jumpers participated as well. Vladimir Slavsky, vice-president of the Russian ski jumping federation commented euphorically on "": "A historical event for Russia took place at Chaykovskiy today. Now we have one of the world's best ski jumping facilities. This is the unanimous opinion of the athletes, trainers and functionals!"

In March 2012 the first official competitions will be held on the "Snowflake" ski jumping hills with Russian championships and for the international test event, a summer grand prix in September 2012, the complete facility with the plastic covered hills K125, K95, K65, K45 and K20 should be complete.

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1)   Aatto Lamminpää   wrote on 2012-05-26 at 13:48:

Youth direktor in lutheran church in Finland (retaer ili pensioner)

Hello sport friends in Chaykovsky skijumping-center!

Congratjulations for your modern and fine skijump- and wintersportcenter in Chaykovsky!

I speak and write russian langvidze "tolka shut,shut" and therefore I want write by english.
I am 66 years old veteran ski-jumper and also I have worked in Finland as coutch (trenare) and also I have been making plans for smaller jumping-hills K10,20,30,40 and 50 meter.
Also I am friend of IMC-2013 president James Lambert and wice precidents Erkki Ahtiainen and Åke Saloniemi and I want give information for them thinking IMC 2013 in Chaykovsky 4-9.3.2013
I viseted in your new and fine skijumpcenter in first days of april and met there some my veteran skijumping friends ( Boris Svetsov and 2-3 other my friends, who are living in Chaykovsky).
During april and may I have been giving help to build one pastorshouse in Karatuskoje (near Abakan and Minusinsk) there is working my young friend with his family as missioner. Now we have also projekt to build lutheran church to Karatuskoje center.

I am going to drive by my car (Skoda) from Sibir to Finland
in last part of June and I am want visit again in Chaykovsky.
I am willing to test by jumping K40 and K65 and perhaps also K95 in plastic one or two days, if it should be possibly during one or two days.
In last winter I jumped about 230 jumps in K 40,50,64,70 and K90/95. In K90/95 I jumped about 30-40 jumps in winter.
In plastic I have last jumps in Lahti K64 in last avgust.

What days should be good for training in your skijumping-center in last part of june. My visa finished 28.06. and I need some days to driving from Chaykovsky to Finland.
I have telefonnumber for Boris Svetsov and also for somebody else from Chaykovsky.
In last days of august I have again plan for new 3 mounths trip to Sibir and after it I am coing back to Finnland in last days of november.

Greetings your friend Aatto Lamminpää (my telefonenumber is +358503559619, but because it is (finn)very expensive I take only textmessages in that number. I have also Russian number +79620709548 if you want call me. -I really understand very litle and gavarju otzin ploha po ruskie. My friend Joose Pitkänen speak much better and can help me.

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