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Chaykovskiy: first ski jump to be ready soon

on 2012-02-01

On February 5 Russian prime minister is going to pay a visit to the ski jumping hill construction site at Chaykovskiy and around a week later the first ski jump of Russian modernity will be inaugurated.

Riedel with Ski-Line is the first to deliver a ski jump ready for use in Russia!

When Vladimir Putin is going to visit the region of Perm at Sunday, February 5th, the ski jumps will not bow down in awe but will greet the most powerful man of Russia in all their glory: because on February 14th the first ski jump in Chaykovsky (K65) is officially inaugurated. Two more ski jumps (K95, K125), which are also equipped with innovative measurement technology by Peter Riedel GmbH, should be ready for use within the following weeks.

One might think: a new ski jump, so what is so special about it? And you might be right with this question if the overall context was not considered. In the area of the Russian Federation, there are no ski jumps worthy of the name at the moment. Now the end of the drought period has begun for Russian ski jumpers, now they can also practice on home soil.

In the winter sports center of Chaykovsky Peter Riedel with his company Ski-Line and his partner Rehau contributes a bit to the history of sport in Russia. The entrepreneur from the Ore Mountains it the first to deliver a ski jump ready for use in Russia and the man from Tellerhäuser is happy with many others. “Chaykovsky is barely known in Central Europe – except in the context of classical music. With the ski jumps the city experiences a significant upgrade and we are happy that we were able to contribute to this – with innovative inruns from our company.”

Four sportspersons and coach Tommi Krause from the ski club from Partenkirchen, Germany, will inaugurate the K65 ski jump along with athletes from the Perm region and from Chaykovsky itself with the first jumps, and other young German athletes have already been invited to come to Russia for training: ski jump – connecting people!

After Vladimir Putin will have nodded his head in agreement, things will get really busy during the next months: Russian championship in April, Summer Grand Prix of the special jumpers in September. And the first world cup event in the winter will then only be a matter of time. “I am looking forward to it”, says Peter Riedel already today.

Press release of Peter Riedel GmbH

Peter Riedel GmbH
Herrn Peter Riedel
Am Grenzhang 18
08359 Breitenbrunn/ OT Tellerhäuser
Phone +49 37348 20400
Fax +49 37348 20402

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RUS Chaykovskiy (Snezhinka)



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1)   Fred   wrote on 2012-02-03 at 00:27:

"Auf dem Gebiet der russischen Föderation gibt es derzeit keine Schanze, die diesen Namen verdient."
Naja, also das find ich nun doch etwas übertrieben! Es gibt vielleicht keine supermoderne Schanze in Russland, aber es gibt ja welche, z. B. die Schanzen in Mezhdurechensk oder die Normalschanze in Ufa.

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