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Ski jumping facility at Nizhniy Novgorod to be build

on 2011-07-21

After a 2 year deadlock of the ski jumping hill construction project at Nizhny Novgorod due to lacking financial means, now the decision for the construction was made. It shall start already this year.

Already more than two years ago an architectural competition about the complete new-construction of the out-dated ski jumping facility of Nizhniy Novgorod was held. The winner was Austrian Malojer company, who should not only construct a modern ski jumping complex around 400 km east of Moscow, but a complete training and leasure center.

As a consequence of the global financial crisis for the realization necessary funds were lacking and so the implementation of the project was put on hold. Meanwhile it seems that the federal and regional budgets have increased again and so the decision for the construction measures was made.

The responsible minister Natalia Kazahkova confirms on "The Government of the Nizhny Novgorod region is interested in sports development in the region and is doing everything possible to create the necessary infrastructure and facilities for sports, in order to provide an effective training system for the athletes. (...) The construction of a ski jumping facility was included into the regional target program."

Already end of this year the implementation shall begin with a first phase of constructing the ski jumping hills. Around K125, K95 and K60 jumping hills a stadium for 15,000 spectators, a 5-kilometer cross-country trail and a training center for ski jumpers and Nordic combined of club "Sdyusshor" will be developed. The completion is scheduled for September 2013.

The second phase of the totally 1.5 billion Rubel (ca. 37m Euro) expensive project includes a alpine skiing area and a water park, while at last a hotel complex shall be build.

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RUS Nizhniy Novgorod (Park Pobedy)


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