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Hill constructions in Russia: Problems at Nizhniy Tagil

on 2011-04-26

While the construction of the new ski jumping hill complex at Chaykovskiy is well underway, there are monetary issues at Nizhniy Tagil and works are far behind schedule.

Nizhniy Tagil:

Already in 2009 the complete new-construction of "Stork" ski jumping hill complex at Nizhniy Tagil in Ural has started with the building of two competition jumps HS 140 and HS 105, as well as four more training hills. Initially the ski jumps should have costed 30m Euro and be completed already in July 2011.

But since the steel inrun towers and knolls had been mounted in spring 2010, the works have been stagnating. The construction officials are now demanding for another 15m Euro and this money is only supplied very slowly by the country and state authorities. Consequently the finalization of works was already shifted to earliest end of 2011.

On May 4 a FIS delegation will do another inspection of the facility, in order check the facts and circumstance on-site and put pressure onto officials to continue the works. Without modern ski jumping facilities international competitions in the giant state will still not be possible in the future and preparations for the Winter Games 2014 at Sochi are not optimal.


At Chaykovskiy the construction of five jumps is performed, including a HS 140 and HS 106, as well as biathlon facilities and a hotel. The investment with a total of around 70m Euro started in 2009, in 2010 the ski jump constructions followed and were planned by German Werner Schertel from Warmensteinach. So far the construction measures are on time and be completed by end of 2011. Then the first testimonial is already scheduled for early February 2012 with a Continental Cup of Nordic Combined.

Further projects:

Still a number of other ambitious ski jumping hill projects is underway in Russia. At Krasnaya Polyana mountain region the "Russian National Ski Jumping Center" is constructed at Esto-Sadok village for Olympic Winter Games 2014 at Sochi. The normal hill at Lenin hills in Moscow will be a stage during the premier season 2011-12 in ladies' World Cup, but therefore it needs to be modernized. A new normal size jump will be constructed at Magadan in the far east of Russia until 2012. The planning of another large hill project was started at Nizhny Novgorod, but there funds are still lacking.

Ski Jumps:

RUS Nizhniy Tagil
RUS Chaykovskiy (Snezhinka)



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