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The SKI-LINE inrun track system

on 2007-12-07

First use of a new inrun track system at World Cup in Trondheim

At World Cup competition on Granåsen-HS 131 at Trondheim in December 2007 for the first time a new-developed inrun trail system invented by Deg. Eng. Peter Riedel and REHAU AG called SKI-LINE is applied. In the future the innovative system, which will be installed on new Olympia- schanze at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, too, is going to come into operation at all new-constructions and conversions of ski jumping hills.

The unique, parallel shifted interleaved combination of coolable winter trail with a summer trail gives a plus of competition security for event organizers and athletes. The system consisting out of four track channels guarantees all-year use without the very time-consuming refitting for ski jump owners, because only the 13.5 centimetres wide winter trails need to be covered with around seven centimetres of snow. A cleverly devised cooling-system, which only cools both winter trails, keeps the inrun on an optimal temperature level, although cavorting weather let temperatures rise far above zero degree border.

Additionally to the innovative inrun trail system there is a new-invention by Peter Riedel. An ice mortiser takes the part of track creation and maintenance at SKI-LINE system. The small and compact all-rounder, which is directly connected with the modular track system and equipped with numerous functions, cleans, glazing and structuring the trail, is snow-plug and much more. With own actuation and remote-controlled ice mortiser works with a velocity of 30 km/h and outstanding accuracy.

Ski Jumps:

NOR Trondheim (Granåsen)
GER Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Olympiaschanze)

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