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Hill records

On this page, we explain some important rules about listing of hill records on

Men, ladies and fallen jumps:

There is a general distinction between hill records set up by men and women (indicated by the gender symbols and ).

Furthermore, there is a general distinction between hill records set up during winter on snow and during summer on plastic matting (indicated by the snowflake and sun symbols).

All fallen jumps or jumps where the jumper touched the landing area with a part of the body are highlighted in red.

Following types of hill records are distinguished:

Official hill record - it is the longest landed jump during an individual, team or mixed team competition (1st and 2nd round) and qualification rounds of: World Cup, Summer Grand Prix, World Ski Championships and Olympic Games.
On ski flying hills, every jump counts as an official jump, thus an official hill record can be set up even during official training rounds, trial round and cancelled round (exception: trial jumpers, who do not appear on result lists).
In the case of official hill records, we adhere to the records on the FIS protocols, even if there are doubts about the proper judgement of landing (e.g., Stefan Kraft's world record jump, where the video shows that he touched the snow, but the judges counted the jump as properly landed).

Hill record – it is the longest landed jump during any competition, independent of their rank, including all training, trial, qualification and competition rounds, also including cancelled rounds. This jump does not have to be judged by the judges, but it must be performed during an official round where judges, coaches or organizing committee members were present.

Longest jump – is the longest jump ever made by anyone at any time on the ski jumping hill, including fallen jumps (see above). These are mainly jumps during sessions where jumpers start from very high start gates with very good wind and potentially with non-regular equipment. This is the type of information on how far you can jump on a given hill.

The term "official hill record" is only used if there is a "hill record" that does not count as official. Likewise, the term "longest jump" is only used if there is a longest jump that is not considered as "hill record".


Men - Winter

2015-02-15: NOR K 200 Vikersund, Vikersundbakken
WC 254.0 m Dimitri Vassiliev RUS - Longest jump
2018-03-22: SLO K 200 Planica, Letalnica bratov Gorišek
WC 253.5 m Gregor Schlierenzauer AUT - Longest jump
2016-01-16: AUT K 200 Bad Mitterndorf, Kulm-Skiflugschanze
SFWC 244.0 m Peter Prevc SLO - Official hill record
2018-01-19: GER K 200 Oberstdorf, Heini-Klopfer-Schanze
SFWC 238.5 m Daniel André Tande NOR - Official hill record
2013-02-03: CZE K 185 Harrachov, Čerťák
WC 220.0 m Jurij Tepeš SLO - Longest jump

Men - Summer

2018-07-11: KAZ K 125 Shchuchinsk, Lyzhnyy Tramplin Burabay
Opening 154.0 m Jurij Tepeš SLO - Longest jump
2021-09-12: AUT K 125 Bischofshofen, Paul-Außerleitner-Schanze
COC 148.0 m Klemens Murańka POL - Hill record
2019-10-05: GER K 125 Klingenthal, Sparkasse Vogtland Arena
SGP 148.0 m Marius Lindvik NOR - Official hill record
2016-10-15: RUS K 125 Esto-Sadok, Olympic Hill
N-T-RUS 147.5 m Dimitri Vassiliev RUS - Official hill record
2017-11-04: JPN K 123 Sapporo, Ōkurayama
147.0 m Junshiro Kobayashi JPN - Hill record

Ladies - Winter

2021-03-28: RUS K 125 Chaykovskiy, Snezhinka
WC 146.5 m Marita Kramer AUT - Official hill record
2010-02-16: GER K 130 Willingen, Mühlenkopfschanze
146.0 m Ulrike Gräßler GER - Longest jump
2016-03-19: JPN K 123 Sapporo, Ōkurayama
145.0 m Yuki Itō JPN - Hill record
2021-01-29: GER K 125 Titisee-Neustadt, Hochfirstschanze
WC 143.5 m Nika Križnar SLO - Longest jump
2012-11-30: NOR K 123 Lillehammer, Lysgårdsbakken
143.0 m Sarah Hendrickson USA - Hill record

Ladies - Summer

2018-07-31: NOR K 124 Trondheim, Granåsen
149.0 m Maren Lundby NOR - Longest jump
2018-11-02: JPN K 123 Sapporo, Ōkurayama
144.0 m Sara Takanashi JPN - Hill record
2020-09-10: NOR K 123 Lillehammer, Lysgårdsbakken
142.5 m Silje Opseth NOR - Longest jump
2020-09-27: AUT K 125 Bischofshofen, Paul-Außerleitner-Schanze
N-AUT 140.5 m Chiara Hölzl AUT - Official hill record
2018-09-08: RUS K 125 Chaykovskiy, Snezhinka
SGP 140.0 m Jerneja Brecl SLO - Official hill record

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